Absolute Return Meets Absolute Transparency

The Lakshmi Capital Absolute Return Strategy™ helps our clients diversify their investment portfolios through exposure to commodity and forex markets guided by a best-in-class money manager. However, unlike comparable global macro hedge funds, we offer the transparency of separately managed accounts.

More than anything, we pride ourselves on consistently strong results for our clients.


Lakshmi Capital is a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) and Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm operating out of Beverly Hills and NYC. We manage accounts for clients based around the world in 6 continents.



Our global macro strategy is focused on identifying medium and long-term opportunities in deep, global markets such as futures, futures options, and forex using fundamental analysis, and attempt to exploit long-term trends.



Sharing non-proprietary research and analysis with the public is high on our priorities, from which we have been recognized by Forbes, TheStreet.com, and others for our leadership in commodity and forex research.